Elchin Shirinov

Waiting: The Album

The Elchin Shirinov Trio interweaves forward looking arrangements of traditional Azeri music and brand new compositions. Elchin Shirinov's aim was to find creative and versatile musicians who could adapt to a wide spectrum of ideas: from folk melodies to jazz improv. The choice fell on Andrea Di Biase with his varied set of experiences and on Dave Hamblett with his exciting rhythmic creativity.

Elchin Shirinov Trio

1. Sara Gellin
2. Waiting
3. Durna
4. Missing
5. Waltz from Seven Beauties ballet
6. Muse
7. O Olmasin Bu Olsun

Released December 1, 2018 

Elchin Shirinov - Piano 
Andrea Di Biase - Double Bass 
Dave Hamblett - Drums

Watch two live performances from the album: